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How to create and implement a kick-butt BRIDE ATTRACTION system that draws your ideal bride to you over and over again! 
  • Are you struggling to get leads for your wedding or travel business?
  • Are you tired of constantly trying marketing strategies or even paying for ads that get you zero return?
  • Have you been diligently posting on social media with little to show for it?
  • Are you looking for new ways to attract brides during this pandemic?
  • Do you want to start getting weddings on the books for 2021 & beyond?

  • Then you’ll want to join this jam-packed workshop and mini-course where Lou and Tami Santini will show you how to set yourself apart in a crowded marketplace with the right system that makes your bride eager to hire you. over and over again!

    This was designed to give you the stepping stones to help you get your destination wedding business moving forward, even during the pandemic & get you ready to start booking weddings for 2021!

    Whether you are just starting your business or you feel the need for a face lift, this workshop and mini-course is for you!

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YES! I want to attract more brides!

The Bride Attraction Workshop will give you over $1200 in bride-attracting tips, coaching & templates. Including...


Instant Access to My 5-Step Bride Attract Formula Designed to Get Brides Raising Their Hand to Work With You!

($297 Value)

You will discover my consistent and repeatable formula for getting destination wedding brides coming to your inbox, phone, or door for 2021 and beyond!

  • You will get my complete 5-step destination wedding bride lead attraction system!

  • Increase the number of destination event leads coming right to your inbox, phone, or door!

  • Get A-list brides and destination event leads who are pre-sold to hire you!

  • Get tools you need to start booking destination weddings & events for 2021!

What’s included in the live workshop?


Real Time Access With Lou & Tami Santini & Their 20K Staff

($597 Value)

You’ll meet live with Lou, Tami & the 20K Team to fine tune your bride attracting message on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, as well all the critical pages on your website, so that you will be ready to increase your destination wedding & honeymoon bookings for 2021 and beyond!

The date for this workshop is October 27th at 11:00 AM EST.

This live workshop will be recorded and uploaded for you to access anytime.

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YES! Sign me up now!

PLUS, you also get a special bonus training!

The Ultimate Bride Bribe Cheat Sheet

($147 Value)

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An irresistible bribe will...

  • Get your ideal bride to pay attention to you in a sea of competition!
  • Get your ideal bride to willingly raise her hand to give you her name and email!
  • Move your ideal bride from an Instagram & Facebook follower to a destination wedding client!
  • Deepen your relationship with your bride to know, like, & trust you!
  • Position you as the "go to" planner for her destination wedding or honeymoon!
  • Makes your ideal bride pre-sold to hire you!

The Ultimate Bride Bribe Cheat Sheet will give you...

  • Help you zero in on your ideal bride and what makes her tick.
  • Arm you with the exact same, step-by-step, formula we use to get our brides to give us their name and email all year long!
  • Show you how to turn your brides who follow you on Instagram & Facebook into ready-to-book destination wedding clients!
  • Give you a cut and paste template along with 10 EXTRA, proven, bribe ideas to attract your destination wedding bride like a magnet!

This workshop will amp up your visibility & give you PROVEN strategies to ATTRACT ideal brides to your business over and over again for 2021 & beyond!

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By the end of this workshop, you will discover:

  • My 5 step bride attraction formula that was the "GAME CHANGER" for my destination wedding business!

  • A PROVEN and effective marketing message that attracts A-list brides ready to hire you!
    Hint: This is where most wedding pros get it wrong!

  • The right way to set up your Facebook & Instagram bios to get brides to like, share, & follow you online!

  • How to easily make a Bride Bribe (Lead Magnet) Topic & Content Strategy that gets brides to contact you!

  • New strategies and tips that will give your brides peace of mind to move forward with their wedding & honeymoon planning despite the pandemic!

Don't miss this opportunity!

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The Bride Attraction Workshop & Mini Course

Over $1200 value!

What’s included?

Instant Access to 5-Step Bride Attract Formula ($297 Value)

The Ultimate Bride Bribe Cheat Sheet  ($147 Value)

Live Workshop with Lou & Tami Santini & Their Staff August 5  ($597 value)

Fill in The Blank Templates & Worksheets  ($197 value)

Total Value: $1238

Regular Price: $497

 Today's Price: $97!