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To The Travel Pro Who Wants to Grow Their Destination Wedding Business!

5 ways to rapidly increase your Destination Wedding Leads Without spending a dime on advertising! 

5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Take Advantage of The Travel Rebound, & Create a Continuous Flow of Destination Wedding Leads Over And Over Again!


In this Free Training, you will discover:

  • 5 PROVEN things you can do right now to attract all the destination wedding couples you need & book your calendar full year after year WITHOUT increasing your AD spend!

  • Identify who your IDEAL destination wedding couple REALLY is so you can start attracting only those couples you LOVE to work with!

  • The secret to getting wedding couples to willingly raise their hand to give you their BEST name and email - not the crappy one they give out to be in some type of wedding giveaway!

  • The quick-shift you can easily make in your marketing that gets wedding couples to chase you instead of you hounding them!

  • How you too can have a repeatable & steady flow of quality destination wedding leads month after month and book your calendar solid year after year!
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Say Hello to Tami

Tami is the founder of Paradise Getaways, an award-winning Destination Wedding Design Agency and, a Destination Wedding Coaching and Business Building Community. She was named the #1 Destination Wedding Agent for Playa Resorts and is a multi six-figure business entrepreneur even though she spent an obscene amount of money on her Sociology degree from a private college! She is a best-selling co-author of Behind the Scenes, a book sharing secrets from the top coaches, experts, and consultants.

She’s a dynamic speaker, having shared the stage with Kim Walsh Phillips, Dana Spinola, Laura Gawne, Susan Bain, Stephen Asprinio and John Cirabisi.

Tami is sharing her success secrets with others so they too can stay in overwater villas in Bora Bora, swim with sharks and stingrays, or hum the Jurassic Park theme song aboard a helicopter while gazing upon the majestic waterfalls of Hawaii, because why not?

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